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About Us

Message From The Management

Bandai and NAMCO have both fundamentally been entertainment companies. By combining and enhancing Bandai's expertise in character merchandizing and NAMCO's creative strengths through the new BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, we will provide a new level of sophistication in entertainment.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's mission is to inspire people around the world and help them enjoy their time to the fullest. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will unrelentingly seek out and take on new challenges as it aims to become the world's most admired video game maker.

Our Philosophy

To play is human
The 21st century will be an era of spirituality
Greater added values are attained as industrial activities advance to a higher level of industrialization

Our Vision

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment exists to:
Inspire people around the world and help them enjoy time to the fullest through play

"BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will become the world's most admired video game maker, capable of consistently supplying games that deliver happiness, fun and satisfaction."

  1. Only supply products that deliver real customer satisfaction
  2. Continually aim to create genre-breaking products
  3. Work to offer more chances to enjoy video games (multi-content approach)
  4. Work to enhance the gameplay experience (media-mix approach)
  5. Actively supply products to overseas customers

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