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Impossify your park-building experience

In PARK BEYOND players can create the park of their dreams, without being held back by gravity! As the newly-hired visionary architect for a struggling company, players will be able to create mind-twisting theme parks. Players can create rides they have always dreamt about but that couldn’t exist in real life. Along with Phil, the enthusiastic park veteran and Izzy, the stern but friendly executive and a host of other colorful and passionate characters, players will pave the way to a successful and profitable park company.

Thanks to accessible controls and a story-driven campaign mode, players will get to learn the ropes of park management and build increasingly crazy rides and modular coasters.

Success depends on your creativity!

Park Beyond™&©Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S. Developed by LIMBIC ENTERTAINMENT GmbH. All Rights Reserved.

June 16, 2023



Xbox Series X|S

Limbic Entertainment




A host of colorful and passionate characters, will guide players on the road to success. Reach business expectations & balance fun and profitability to make your park company successful beyond belief.


Thanks to the advanced coaster-creation tool, players have access to dozens of innovative modules to easily create unique rollercoasters with thousands of combinations. Players can also bring a dash of impossibility to their flat rides to create an outstanding entertainment park never seen before.


Thanks to extensive monitoring tools, players can optimize their park management by following
visitor trends, creating shop designs, recruiting and managing staff members, rolling out marketing budget & their R&D investment to reach success.


Park Beyond - Official Modular Building Trailer

Park Beyond - Official Management Trailer

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Coming June 16, 2023

Park Beyond

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Park Beyond llegará a Steam, PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X|S el 16 de junio de 2023

¡Reserva ahora para obtener el Conjunto de Imposificación de PAC-MAN™ y regístrate para la prueba beta cerrada!

Anuncios March 23rd, 2023

Park Beyond

Conoce al antagonista de PARK BEYOND y descubre cómo una excelente gestión te dará ventaja

Presentando a Giles Hemlock, rival y destructor de (parques) sueños.

AnunciosJan 18, 2023
Park Beyond

Nuevo tráiler de PARK BEYOND exhibiciones de personajes y edificios modulares

Echa un vistazo al nuevo tráiler de PARK BEYOND™, una nueva versión de los juegos de gestión de parques temáticos desarrollada por Limbic Entertainment GmbH.

AnunciosAug 23, 2022
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