April 2nd, 2024

The Umbric Abilities that Fuel your Gameplay

Discover the Fold-powered abilities that are sure to form the bedrock of your gameplay strategy.

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Unknown 9: Awakening's Haroona uses her Pull ability to draw an enemy closer in during a desert skirmish.

It can take a lifetime for a Quaestor to reach the Fold. Yet even those successful in projecting their consciousness into Unknown 9’s shadow realm aren’t guaranteed access to its gifts. Fortunately for you, Haroona’s ever-strengthening connection to this other plane of existence puts you in a position of great (Umbric) power.

Ready to discover the talents you’ll wield when Unknown 9: Awakening hits PCs and consoles this summer? Here are a few abilities at that are sure to form the core of your gameplay strategy.

Step into unsuspecting Ascendant foes.

One of the more impressive of Umbric feats, Stepping is a talent only a handful of Quaestors can pull off. In short, it requires the Stepper to propel their Shade (i.e., their consciousness) into someone else’s body.

Step into Haroona’s enemies and enjoy free rein to use their physical strength, combat style, and artillery for a certain amount of time. Whether you steer them toward a dangerous location or use their weapons against them and other nearby opponents is up to you.

Ultimately, you define your Stepping technique, so that you can achieve a balance between strategic progress and full-on combat in a way that suits your playstyle.

Unknown 9: Awakening's Haroona Peeks into the Fold, allowing her to spot lurking enemies.

Peek into the Fold

Peeking provides a glimpse of the Surface Fold—the area closest and most like our material plane of existence. Considered a simpler Umbric practice (some have unknowingly Peeked into the Fold by accident), it’s one that allows you to scan your surroundings for lurking Ascendants and hidden collectibles to forge the best path forward.

Enhance your combat tactics.

We’re referring to your offensive Push, Pull, and Crush abilities. Though exerting these won’t necessarily guarantee fatalities, they will deal significant damage.

If Ascendant soldiers get to close, send them flying using your Push ability, then take advantage of that extra elbow room to perform a more potent Umbric attack. When you’re ready to engage in close combat, Pull your enemies in to deliver a series of devastating blows.

Your Crush capability offers a dual advantage. You can tap into this talent to clear away objects that stand in your way or use it to incorporate these objects into your ranged combat strategy.

For example, while hiding stealthily in a patch of tall grass, you might decide to Peek into the Fold to scan your environment. With a heightened view of your surroundings, you notice enemy forces manning an Ascendant outpost a few steps ahead. Depending on what’s nearby, consider Crushing scaffolding, oil lanterns, gas canisters, or the like to exert an (potentially deadly) assault.

Haroona uses her Umbric shield to protect herself from Ascendant fire.

Shield yourself from Ascendent Attacks.

Haroona’s greatest strength may be her connection to the Fold but remember, her foes possess literal weapons. And though there’s much to be said about the detrimental nature of Umbric energy, there’s no denying the extent of harm that batons, handguns, and cannons can inflict.

To protect yourself from Ascendant attacks, consider activating your Umbric Shield. The energy forcefield it creates doesn’t simply protect you from bullets, it can also deflect them to the nearest enemy.

Infinite Umbric possibilities!

Of course, there are far more Fold-powered skills that exist beyond the ones covered here. Remember, Quaestors have much to discover about Unknown 9‘s eerie shadow realm—from the exact nature of its energy to the nine immortal figures said to protect what it contains.

Fortunately for you, we’ll continue to share more insight into all the ways a Quaestor such as yourself can master the Fold. Stay tuned for the latest revelations.

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