Dungeon Round Event: August 14!

August 11, 2021

Gather around for another Dungeon round! The GMs challenge you to run 5 arenas, 3 lairs, or 1 dungeon on Saturday, August 14. Players must complete the same arena 5 times or the same lair 3 times in the time period to receive rewards. 

Don’t throw in the towel too early! Players who complete a dungeon once will receive five green dye in addition to their other rewards! Will you be the victor Lumios is looking for? Have a RUNderful time this Saturday!

August 14 Schedule

  • Physera/Lumenas/Iraphos: 4 AM, 10 AM, 5 PM, 11 PM
  • Teleos/Paetion: 2:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 3:30 PM, 9:30 PM


  • Arena prizes: 5x potions of regeneration, 5x lunchboxes
  • Lair prizes: 5x elixirs, 5x soul pyre foods
  • Dungeon prizes: 10x elixirs, 1x enhancement items, 5x green dye

Specific rewards will change based on the level of the arena, lair, or dungeon. Time Dungeons do not count for this event.



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