Season 1 Bless Pass Bundles for PlayStation®4 System

January 28, 2021

Calling all PlayStation®4 system players! This is your chance to get the mount and outfits from Season 1 Bless Pass! Grab these bundles by the horn and don’t let this limited-time sale slip by!

Enhance your adventures with these two exclusive Season 1 Bless Pass Bundles and special goodies, for PlayStation®4 systems, available now through February 11!

Bunnisher Costume and Blue Buffalo Mount


Blue Buffalo Bundle

6,000 Lumena

  • 1x Blue Buffalo mount
  • 10x Recovery Scroll
  • 1x Marketplace Fee Discount Ticket (30 days)


Bunnisher Costume Bundle

6,500 Lumena

  • 1x Bunnisher costume
  • 1x Bunnisher Mask
  • 10x Recovery Scroll
  • 1x Basic Star Seed Booster (30 days)
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