Introducing Guild Depots

January 29, 2021

The Bless Unleashed Spring Update is coming soon, and we're excited to be showing off our newest feature for guilds today! The Guild Depot is an exciting new system meant to help keep you and your guild stocked with important supplies!

Once released, the Guild Depot can be accessed from the World Map, on your guild tab. Guild Veterans will have the ability to stock a selection of items in the depot by using Guild Gold. They will also be able to set some limits about what rank members can claim items from the Guild Depot, and how much of those items.

Guild members will be able to access the Depot's store using their Guild Contribution, and even to help keep it stocked with useful items.

Your guild will need to unlock certain Guild Benefits by completing Guild Trials in order to be able to stock the Depot with items, but once you have unlocked the corresponding Guild Benefit, it's a simple matter of your Guild Veterans choosing to unlock items to keep in the depot for your guild to use.

But what kinds of items can you find in the Depot once you've put in the work? Well, players will be able to find additional Abyssal and Sealed Chest Keys, Embers of Paetion, Indulgence (an item to reduce your notoriety), and other highly useful and sought after items to help speed you along in your journey across Lumios!

We hope that players will really enjoy this new benefit for Guild Members, and rest assured we'll be listening carefully for feedback on this feature once released! Make sure to check back next week for more information on the Bless Unleashed Spring Update. We'll be sharing details about new weapons and dungeons!

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