Harness the Power of Magic and Friendship

February 14, 2018

She who finds a magical door, opens the chamber of time.

Little Witch Academia, the anime that brings the female supernatural community together is prepping for the launch of its first game this year. Bring home the magic with Little Witch Academia: Chamber of time, an action RPG that combines side-scrolling elements with an enchanting storyline. A natural extension of the anime, this game is more than meets the eye. 

Little Witch Academia Master Art

A Little Witch Lesson

For those who need to brush up on their little witch lore, Little Witch Academia is an anime series about finding your inner magic. It follows Akko, a girl with big aspirations of becoming a witch, but who is not magically inclined. When she decides to enroll in a magic academy – Luna Nova, her adventure begins. Together with her friends Lotte and Sucy, Akko explores the school and chases after her dream of becoming a great witch like her role model Shiny Chariot.

Little Witch Academia got its start as a short film back in 2013. It was so popular that a second short film was released in 2015 dubbed Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade. The playful, yet beautiful animation and lighthearted story continues to capture the hearts of fans, with a 26-episode anime series currently streaming on NETFLIX for you to enjoy.

Little Witch Academia Screenshot 1

The Magic of the Stage

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time brings with it the beloved aspects of the successful anime series – the brilliance of TRIGGER animation, a compelling and magical storyline and characters that make you smile. The game follows an original story based on the anime, where Akko is assigned to arrange books in the library the day before school is out for summer vacation. While in the library, she uncovers the chamber of time that creates a time loop, causing the same day to repeat itself over and over again. It is up to Akko and her friends to unravel the chamber’s secrets in order to break the time loop, and return things to normal on the magical campus. 

Those who have been following Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time may have noticed the classic side-scrolling beat em up elements. However, this game has so much more to offer, with adventure RPG features that really make it shine. Experiment with potions, indulge in magic mushrooms and harness the power of the shiny arc as you explore the skills that are unique to each character, no smoke and mirrors included. Choose from six different 3D characters to play, and work together with up to three players online or offline. As always, friendship is important, so get into their skin and dive into the enchanting story while exploring the school campus, listening in on conversations and talking with fellow magic students. Then, enter the chamber’s dungeons, fight the monsters within and discover items and gain experience to unlock, level-up and customize your skills.  

Little Witch Academia Boss Battle

Whether you are a fan of the anime, witchcraft or side-scrolling adventure RPGs in general, this game brings a dynamic experience that is both visually impressive and interactive.  Gather your friends, brush up on your spells, and get ready to wave your shiny wand when this game arrives for your PlayStation 4 in 2018. 

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Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

School’s In Session

Uncover the mysteries at Luna Nova Academy and experience the magical world of Studio Trigger style Japanese animation in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. Join Atsuko (Akko) and her friends to work as a team – exploring dungeons, casting magical spells and using witchcraft to ultimately di

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