MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Closed Beta Test Results

December 9, 2022

Thank you so much for participating the Closed Beta Test for My Hero Ultra Rumble!

We are working hard to improve the game based on your participation in the CBT and the feedback we have received. The following is a partial overview of the CBT and our policy for responding to the requests we received in the play survey. We look forward to your continued support of My Hero Ultra Rumble.

- My Hero Ultra Rumble Development Team

CBT2 Results

Number of Applicants: 60,414

Average Satisfaction: 3.94 out of 5. About 78% positive responses!

Planned Future Improvements

The following is a list of the improvements we plan to make in the future based on the many comments we received during the Closed Beta Test:

  1. Character Balance Adjustments
    Although the range of win rates between characters has narrowed since the last time, we will continue to adjust the balance. We will continue to adjust the performance of the most powerful movement techniques and restraint abilities, such as Ochaco's floating state, while preserving their strengths.
  2. Camera Control Improvements
    We will consider the possibility of further adjusting the speed of camera movement, field of view, etc. to your preference.
  3. Character Control Improvements
    We will consider adjustments to make jumping, dashing, wall climbing, etc. more nimble and intuitive.
  4. HP/Guard Point Adjustments
    We are planning to improve team disbanding and disengagement operation.
  5. Additional Elements for More Diverse Strategies
    We plan to add elements that create the possibility of reversing the situation in a pinch, such as single combat, and new options for offense and defense when down.

Top 3 Characters (USA)

Number 1
Izuku Midoriya

Number 2
Katsuki Bakugo
14,945 Times

Number 3
All Might
12,527 Times

Top 3 Costumes (Worldwide)

Number 1
All Might/Undefeatable
2571 Players

Number 2
Shigaraki/In Plain Sight
1816 Players

Number 3
Dabi/Formal Suit
1723 Players

Characters with Highest Win Percentages (Worldwide)

Number 1
All Might (19%)

Number 2
Cementoss (16%)

Number 3
Tsuyu Asui (15%)

Most Wins from a Player (Worldwide)

108 Wins

Thank you for participating in the Closed Beta Test!



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