New Update: Secrets and Scions Coming Soon

April 8, 2021

Our next update, Secrets and Scions is coming soon to Bless Unleashed! Secrets and Scions continues the story of Bless Unleashed, carrying players back through the lands of Beoran to continue tracking the Faceless and uncover their secret operation in the region. Secrets and Scions also introduces a new dungeon, and a brand new Invasion quest!

That's not all that's coming in this update! We're making some major changes to Reputation and Prestige Quests! We're also revamping our tutorial and updating the Dream Dungeon to streamline beginning an adventure in Lumios for new players.

We're also making some changes to the UI and user experience for players, including improvements to the Target Range UI for ranged classes, making it easier to tell when players are in range of a target. This update will also introduce a new Sell/Extract All function, which will help players save tons of time at vendors and the Soul Pyre!

We'll be back next week to go more in-depth with reputation and Prestige Quest changes, so make sure to check back then, as we move ever closer to the launch of Secrets and Scions!

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