Receive Your Cat King's Claw and Prince's Equipment Pack

March 22, 2018

Cat King’s Claw and Prince’s Equipment Pack Season Pass Bonus DLC

1. To collect the Cat King’s Claw and Prince’s Equipment Pack DLC, redeem the voucher code through the “Redeem Codes” selection in the PlayStation Store. 

2. Once the code is redeemed, play to Chapter 2 of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, or travel to “Sidewinder Gorge” with the trip door map. 

World Map

3. Enter Cloudcoil Canyon.

Travelling to Cloudcoil CanyonCloudcoin Canyon

4. Look for the Grimalkin Merchant who is close to the entrance of Cloudcoil Canyon and speak with him.

Grimalkin Merchant

5. The Cat King’s Claw DLC can be purchased for 2200G in the Grimalkin Merchant’s Stall after code/voucher redemption. 

6. The Prince’s Equipment Pack DLC can be unlocked and collected by talking to four different Higgledies that appear in Cloudcoil Canyon near the Grimalkin Merchant. 

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