Open Beta Announcement and Dev Update

August 29, 2019

Greetings, adventurers! 

We know everyone was hoping for a full launch of Bless Unleashed by the end of this summer -- we were, too! But, simply put, the game is not quite ready yet. 

Based on feedback we received from our last closed beta test -- and the amount of work remaining to make Bless Unleashed the game you all expect and deserve -- the developers at Round 8 need more development time.

Though we don’t have a full launch ready for summer of 2019, both the developers at Round 8 and the publishers at Bandai Namco are committed to releasing a quality, stable action MMO. Plus, we just want to give you more playable content. 

And so...

Bless Unleashed will be in open beta on Xbox One from November 7, 2019 until November 21, 2019.

That’s right. No gates. No paywalls. No keys. We want you to come in, play, enjoy yourselves, stress the servers, and tell us what you think so that we can do better. As Round 8 continues to refine and iterate and improve Bless Unleashed based on feedback, we will again rely on you and your stellar community efforts to help guide that development. 

Both Bandai Namco and Round 8 are looking forward to your open beta feedback this November and we greatly appreciate your continued interest and support.

Thanks so much! See you in-game on November 7!


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