Patch Notes 1.30 Released

May 14, 2019

GOD EATER 3 Update Patch version 1.30


  • New episode “Another Devil” has been added
  • New assault mission has been added

Two NPCs have been added

  • Neal Pennywort
  • Keith Pennywort

Two new Aragami have been added

  • Ameno Havakiri
  • Ash Storm Anubis

Gameplay Changes

  • New Engage Effects have been added
  • New Burst Arts have been added
  • New BA Effects have been added

New Character Customizations

  • New costumes have been added
  • New accessories have been added

Update Patch version 1.30
The GOD EATER team have been working hard on patch 1.30 and they’ve made a video that details the major changes:

 An Additional Episode that takes place after the end of the game

One of the biggest pieces of additional content in patch 1.30 is a brand-new episode that takes place after the end of the game.


The Hounds are working on Adaptive Armor and if this tech becomes viable, the Ash Crawlers can start to make long distance treks, this would be a dream come true for you and your allies. Ein also introduces you to a new partner, Neal, Zeke’s long-lost younger brother. 


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

New allies “Keith” and “Neal”

Here’s some more info about the 2 new characters:

Keith has skills that feature his “mechanic” characteristics and he mainly uses the melee attacks and support skills. On the other hand, Neal does not work with his allies much and prefers to fight by himself. He is also good at scouting for enemies. 

Neal has other characteristics too, keep an eye out for them as you play the additional episode.

Screenshot 3

New Aragami

One of new Aragamis, “Ameno Havakiri”, is teased in the trailer. Ameno Havakiri is very strong and has different attacks that set itself apart from Havakiri and Fallen Havakiri. The other new Aragami is “Ash Storm Anubis” it’s completely different from standard Anubis and Grim Anubis. Prepare yourself for some difficult encounters.

Screenshot 4Screenshot 5

“Burst Arts” “Burst Arts Effect”

New “Burst Arts” will be added to each God Arc. New “Burst Arts Effects” derived from several of the Argamis attacks are now included too. 

Screenshot 6

New Costumes and Accessories

The last update piece is additional costumes. The costume introduced in the trailer is a “rugged motorcycle” look. In addition to that, there are some sporty costumes.

Screenshot 7

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for future updates. 



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