Patch Notes v.1.22 And v.1.30 Updates

April 10, 2019

Patch version 1.22

Bullet Editor related

  • Adjusted the functionality of when a radial tracker module is connected to a bullet and radial tracker module.
  • The “Heal Radial: Follow” module now tracks the “Orb: Rotate in Place” module when seen by other players during Multiplayer mode.

Controller input related

  • Adjusted the controller input speed to now react faster on screen.

Patch version 1.22 fixed the phenomena related to Bullet Editor that the patch version 1.20 caused. Also this patch improved the controller input speed by 1 frame, which makes the gameplay more comfortable. Please check these out. 

Development Progress of the Update Patch version 1.30

We have been working hard to develop the patch version 1.30. Thank you for waiting. 

The Additional Episode that Describes the Story after the Ending

One of the biggest additional content in the version 1.30 is, as announced before, the story after the ending. We have already finished recording the voiceovers!

Let us introduce again the beginning of the story. 


The development of “Adaptive Shield” make progress that Ein and Hound has been working on. If this technology can be completed, that means “the new business” to Hound is established. This can be the first step to realize the main character and the allies’ dream. When the main character and the allies start moving forward, Ein introduces them a new partner, who is Neal, Zeke’s long-lost younger brother. 


Please look forward to playing and seeing the story unfold!

God Eater 3


God Eater 3

New allies “Keith” and “Neal”

We almost finished implementing Keith and Neal! Please let us re-introduce these two characters. Keith has skills that features his “mechanic” characteristic and mainly use the melee attacks and support allies. On the other hand, Neal does not interfere allies much and fight by himself. He is good at searching enemies. Neal has other characteristic but please check that while playing the additional episode.

New allies “Keith” and “Neal”

New Aragami

One of new Aragamis, “Ameno Havakiri”, is teased in this short trailer. Ameno Havakiri is strong and makes different attacks from Havakiri, Fallen Havakiri. The other new Aragami is “Ash Anubis”. This is really different from standard Anubis and Grim Anubis. Please be prepared for the battle against them.

New Aragami

New Aragami

“Burst Arts” “Burst Arts Effect” 

In this update, a few “Burst Arts” will be added to each God Arc. Also, many “Burst Arts Effect” derived from Argami’s attack. Can you see from which Aragami the Burst Arts Effect in the video comes? Please try to use them to expand your own battle style.

“Burst Arts” “Burst Arts Effect”

New Costumes and Accessories

The last one is additional costumes. The costume introduced in the trailer is rugged motorcycle clothes. In addition to them, sporty costumes will be added.

New Costumes and Accessories

That’s all for now! Please stay tuned.



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