Release Notes: The Secrets and Scions Update

April 29, 2021

The Secrets and Scions Update launches on May 6 at 10:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM EDT, 17:00 UTC)! Players will need to download a client patch for this update, which will be available once maintenance begins!

The full release notes for this update can be found below:

Beoran Updates

Replaced two Beoran field bosses:

  • Archfiend is replaced with Phantom Duke Isaac
  • Corrupted Forest Keeper is replaced with Executioner Mantis
  • Adjusted Beoran sidequests and regional quests to accommodate these changes

Added a 6th Beoran Campaign reward

  • Rewards include a Shadowy Spectral Puma mount

Adjusted requirements to accept the episode quest 'The Path to Beoran':

  • Players must now complete the Ivory Dunes quest 'The Enemy of my Enemy'

Added monsters to the quest area for the Beoran episode quest 'Food Retrieval'

Adjusted the HP bar for the 'Dragonnewt Warlord' enemy to be displayed at the top of the screen

Fixed an issue where the path guide did not work correctly in some Beoran side quests

Enhancement Changes

Master Enhancement has been removed:

  • The Master Enhancer NPCs are no longer available
  • Paetion Sigils have been removed from reward tables
  • Greatly increased the price at which Paetion Sigils are sold to shops

Note from the developers: "The original goal of the implementation of the Master Enhancement Equipment Specialist was to mitigate and reduce enhancement stress. Thus many of our players chose the Master Enhancer over the Common Enhancement Equipment Specialist for upgrading their equipment. The side-effect to this implementation is that Star Seeds were primarily being spent on the equipment enhancement, causing unbalanced Marketplace prices and in-game economy. To alleviate the issue, the development team decided to remove the Master Enhancement Specialist and reinforce the Common, which will now be the primary Enhancement Specialist. This primary Enhancement Specialist has been reinforced by appropriate measures which were previously implemented to ease any fatigue or stress during the enhancement process. These existing changes have shown that the accessibility to the Common Enhancer amongst the players has improved thus finalizing the decision to remove the Master Enhancement Specialist from the game."

Time Dungeons

Moved a number of dungeons to Time Dungeon only

The quests introducing these moved dungeons can no longer be accepted

Time Dungeons will be accessible during specific periods of time instead of specific days of the week

The available Time Dungeons will be refreshed weekly. Arenas, Lairs, Dungeons, and Abyssal Dungeons are rotated independently of one another

Removed some trials related to the Time Dungeon

Added a new quest as a Time Dungeon tutorial

Quality of Life

Modified how skill effects that increase damage and defense are applied when multiple effects are in play:

  • Previously, the weaker effect was removed and the stronger effect was applied
  • Now, the weaker effect will remain, but its effects will be suppressed
  • For example, consider a player under the effect of Furious Warcry (+10% Attack Damage for 60 seconds) who walks into a Sacred Ground effect (+15% Attack Damage), then immediately leaves
  • Previously, the Furious Warcry effect would be removed. Now, the player will regain the effect of Furious Warcry upon leaving Sacred Ground, providing there is still time remaining on the effect.

Added a 'Sell All' / 'Salvage All' function. When selling and salvaging gear, players can select up to 20 items

Improved the UI for timed QTEs

Added three fishing tutorials for your first fishing attempt, fishing failure, and fishing success

Added the ability to adjust camera vibration:

  • This can be set in Options> Gameplay> Camera Vibration Strength
  • If the value is set to the minimum, camera vibration does not occur

Adjusted the Ghost Assassin respawn time from 120 seconds to 30 seconds

Removed some additional buffs applied according to Fame and Notoriety level

Fixed a UI issue where, when killing an opponent who left and re-entered the battlefield, the kill log or continuous kill counters do not display

Fixed an issue where players cannot desert the battlefield


Added new daily prestige quests in Carzacor, Gnoll Wastes, Tristezza, Kannus Mountains, Navarra, Zenkala, and the Ivory Dunes

Adjusted the goal of the Ancient Weapon quest 'A Place of Evil' to require completing a Time Dungeon instead of completing the Chamber of the Ancient lair

Adjusted goals for four Sentinel Union quests to require completion of Time Dungeons instead of traditional dungeons

Changed the recommended level for three Sentinels quests due to a change to the Time Dungeon entry levels

Adjusted some interactive objects in Lake Azos for the Gnoll Wastes campaign quest so they can be interacted with by multiple players at the same time

Adjusted the sidequests 'Feeding the Farmstead' and 'Stacks for Stockades' to have their quest goals in stages

  • If a player has one of these quests during maintenance, their quest progress will be reset

Fixed an issue in the Timeless Jungle region quest 'Heaps of Trouble' where the Kobold Laborer is not summoned even after interacting with the Soil Heap

Adjusted guide paths for Padana Ruins main and episode quests

Adjusted guide paths for Timeless Jungle episode quests

Adjusted guide paths for Eidolon Forest episode quests

Adjusted guide paths for several Mokoro episode quests

Added additional props to the Krista episode quest 'Debt Collection'

Adjusted the interaction animation for 'Rough Iron' in Carzacor from gathering to mining

Changed the appearance of and increased movement speed for 'Rogers', the House Mazzini Knight, encountered during Carzacor main quest 'The Truth of Telarion'

Class/Skill Changes

Fixed an issue where all classes were able to jump higher if the 'Forward', 'Dash', and 'Jump' buttons were pressed quickly

Fixed an issue where Mage or Priest projectiles in high terrain could not hit enemies in low locations


  • Added videos for Crusader's passive skill 'Boomerang Shield' for the unique skill 'Piercing Shield'
  • Fixed an issue where 'Endless Crusade', a passive effect of the Crusader's unique skill 'Zealot's Fire', is not removed in some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where movement speed is increased when Crusaders use 'Fanaticism'
  • Fixed an issue where the elemental damage for Crusader's 'Great Sweeping Slash' and 'Spinning Slash' combo was not applied properly
  • Fixed an issue where, if a Crusader takes a hit while the 'Guard Break' animation is playing, the animation stops


  • Increased the amount of Fury consumed when Rage is activated from 5 per second to 6 per second
  • Fixed an issue where, after obtaining the 'Balanced Whirl' skill passive effect 'Extend: Blood Leech' from the Berserker's Centurion's Command Blessing, the duration of the Increased Defense and Increased Attack Power effects are not extended when Balanced Whirl is used
  • Fixed an issue where the skill 'Rage: True Berserker' could be used consecutively


  • Fixed an issue where, if the Priest's 'Shield of Faith' is used while it is fully charged, the effect that reduces the amount of Holy Energy consumed is not applied
  • Fixed an issue where, if different priests all cast 'Shield of Faith' on the same target, the amount of protection overlaps and it was calculated as a total. Now the higher level Shield of Faith will replace the lower level Shield of Faith


  • Fixed an issue that could cause unusually high damage when the second stage passive of the Blizzard Cooldown was combined with the Mage's Centurion's Command blessing


Fixed an issue in '[Abyssal] Rutus Mines - Halls of the Dead' where some of the skills used by the Manastone Golem could not be seen

Fixed an issue with the Lich Tiberious's annihilation skill in the 'Savantis Mausoleum - Lich's Respite' dungeon

Removed the trial 'Get Mocked' involving defeating Rosia in Rutus Mines - Halls of the Dead because it cannot be achieved

Adjusted the Bloody Arena boss 'Varr the Violent' so the slow effect is immediately removed when it dies

Misc Fixes

Fixed a crash that can occur if characters purchase an item from the Lumena Shop that does not belong to their class

Fixed a crash that can occur if characters close the Lumena Shop immediately after purchasing an item

Fixed an issue where players could get onto columns in the Red Basin Battlefield

Fixed an issue where the minion centipedes, summoned by the Ghoul monster upon its death, die immediately instead of self-destructing

Fixed an issue where the Beoran 'Old Diary' object could not be seen

Fixed an issue where only one NPC appears even if the 'Fishing Pond' estate decoration is above level three

Fixed an issue where, when the player interacts with the reward chest after finishing a Crusade or Invasion, non-item rewards such as XP or buffs are not obtained

Known Issues

The Carzacor Equipment Specialist talks about Master Enhancement despite this system being removed

The crusade quest 'White Light of Purification' cannot be activated

After selling a stacked item, the amount of that item shown in your bag is the amount sold instead of the amount remaining. The correct number is shown after reconnecting

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