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October 12, 2023

El Príncipe Demonio Beelzebub y su banda de compañeros inadaptados se están preparando para presentar a los jugadores de todo el mundo SAND LAND, el próximo RPG de acción basado en el manga de Akira Toriyama, creador de DRAGON BALL™ y DR. SLUMP. Para los jugadores de Occidente, es hora de conocer al elenco de doblaje en inglés que está dando vida a Beelzebub y su heterogéneo equipo. 

Un teaser de la historia actualizado lanzado por Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. destaca las voces del elenco y da un vistazo a otro momento clave del juego, donde el equipo está buscando el Manantial Legendario, un cuerpo de agua profetizado que proporcionaría agua potable al desierto y así salvaría a sus habitantes de la codicia del Rey de Sand Land, que acapara el agua. 

SAND LAND's Characters and the Cast of VO Actors


The Fiend Prince himself is taking to the desert wastelands in search of water. Though typically seeks the latest video games or the perfect prank to play on his friends, Beelzebub is taking on a more heroic role with Rao to help all the inhabitants of the wasteland. Beelzebub is voiced by Risa Mei.


Sporting a jaunty hat paired with a mean pair of shorts and knee-high socks to complete his off duty but ready for action look, Rao is one of the good guys. Tired of seeing his fellow humans suffer under the King of Sand Land’s water hoarding, it’s Rao who seeks out the help of the demons to try and find fresh water. Rao is voiced by John Lipow. 


One of Beelzebub’s loyal advisors and a crafty demon in general, Thief naturally has a penchant for stealing. But on top of his sticky fingers, Thief is also as strong as he is wise. He can use his cunning intellect to help the group overcome any obstacle in their path. Thief is voiced by Owen Thomas. 


Beelzebub’s father and the king of all demons, Lucifer is the one spurring on Beelzebub to take on Rao’s request (and forbidding him from playing video games until he finishes his tasks).  Lucifer is voiced by Keith Silverstein. 

General Are

As one of the top soldiers in the Sand Land Royal Army, General Are is a persistent thorn in the side of Rao. General Are is voiced by Andrew Lander.

Supreme Commander Zeu

Players will have to learn more about Supreme Commander Zeu as they progress through the story, but it would be safe to assume that Zeu is one bad dude. Supreme Commander Zeu is voiced by Shawn Smith.


In SAND LAND, Beelzebub and his rag-tag crew of demons and humans must roam the wastelands on foot or in various combat-capable vehicles to uncover the many secrets dragging down this post-apocalyptic world. Traverse the desert on foot or in vehicles, experience an exciting mix of action, hand to hand- and vehicular combat, uncover secrets to overcome obstacles, and take on a diverse assortment of mighty foes in order to save the day – and ultimately get un-grounded by your father, Lucifer, so you can play video games again. SAND LAND is coming to PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam®.



Dive into a Legendary Desert World!

Dive into a desert world where both humans and demons suffer from an extreme water shortage. Play as and watch the Fiend Prince, Beelzebub, Sheriff Rao and demon Thief set off on an adventure in search of a Legendary Fountain hidden in the desert. 

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