Ver1.40 Patch Notes

April 2, 2021

Dear Sword Art Online fans,

Thank you for playing SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris.

The latest patch “Ver1.40” has been released to fix major/minor bugs and improve overall gameplay. Please see below for details.

New Additional Content

  • Added free additional story update part #3 “Ancient Apostles: The Bruised King”
    *This quest can be accepted after completing “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods”
    *If the “Ancient Apostles: The Knight of Contradictions” does not start even if the “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods” is complete, please try below.
    • If Cardinal is set as one of the party members, please remove her from the party.
    • If the player is in a dungeon, a village or a town, such as the Southern Corridor and Rulid Village, please exit from the dungeon, village, or town
  • Added “Memory Arena”
    *This mode is only playable as Kirito
    *Player must first complete “Ancient Apostles: The Bruised King” to unlock the Memory Arena
    *The Memory Arena is held every Friday through Sunday
    *Internet connection is required to play the Memory Arena
    *The “Memory Coins” which can be obtained by completing each quest in the Memory Arena can be exchanged for items in the "Arena Shop" that will be implemented in the future.


  • Increased the level cap of playable characters from 80 to 90
    *The level cap will be upgradable after updating the game to Ver1.40
    *The limit of the SYSTEM CONTROL AUTHORITY will stay at 50
  • Max level of enemies has been increased from 300 to 500
  • Increased the level of weapons from 15 to 20
    *In order to level up, the player must complete Mutated Beast Quest to obtain the required resources
  • Increased normal attacks and sword skill speed
  • Shortened the end lag for overall battle skills
  • Increased the range of buffs given to the surrounding area when activating the sword skills for the One-Handed Sword listed below:
    • Mjolnir Hammer, Heart Strike, Affinity Rain, and Variable Blow
  • The attack range of the Whip sword skills are now visible
    *This does not include normal attacks


  • The quest icon can now be selected from the map menu to set as quest markers
  • Adjusted the location of the icon to make it easier to select North Centoria on the world map
  • The detailed map of North Centoria can now be opened with one button from the map menu
  • Added “Open Detailed Map” in the Sub Menu
  • Adjusted the sort types for the item sorting option
  • Adjusted the cursor to hover over the strengthened armor when the armor is strengthened
  • Adjusted to make it easier to gain fishing proficiency
  • The stamina gauge for swimming now decreases slower
  • Players can now skip event scenes for raid dungeons that have already been completed
  • An icon will appear when approaching an enemy that is to be defeated
  • Reduced the number of points lost when removing an unlearned anima/persona from an NPC


  • Fixed other minor bugs and issues

Thank you again for your continued support, patience, and feedback.


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