Version 1.50 Patch Notes

June 24, 2021

Dear Sword Art Online fans,
Thank you for playing SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris,
The latest patch “Ver.1.50” has been released to fix major / minor bugs and improve overall gameplay. Please see below for details.

New Additional Contents
-Added free additional story update part #4 “Ancient Apostles”: The Blue-Eyed Demon.”
*This quest can be accepted after completing “Ancient Apostles: The Bruised King.”
*If the “Ancient Apostles: The Blue-Eyed Demon” does not start even if the “Ancient Apostles: The Bruised King” is complete, please try below.

  • If Cardinal is set as one of the party members, please remove her from the party.
  • If the player is in a village or a town, such as Rulid village, please exit from the dungeon, a village, or a town.

-Increased the level cap of the playable characters from 90 to 100.
*The level cap will be upgradable after updating the game to Ver1.50
*The limit of the SYSTEM CONTROL AUTHORITY will stay at 50.
-Increased the level of weapons from 20 to 25.
*Strengthening Materials can be obtained after completing “Mutated Beast Quest.”
-Added original characters “Strea” and “Philia” 

  • “Strea” and “Philia” will each have their own Personal Arts Code.
  • “Strea” and “Philia” will join your party after completing quests that would be unlocked by completing the main story and transporting to North Centoria. Players then will be able to accept each quest from the ACTF. 

* Once the quest has started, the player will not be able to play multiplayer mode until the quest is complete.
-Added new weapon type: Spear.
 Added new skill tree for Spear.
*This weapon can be used in any situation and is easy for beginners to handle.
*Players can achieve the weapon by completing certain raid dungeons, buying at a shop in Central Capital Centoria, or using materials that can be earned from defeating divine beasts.
*Currently the Spear can only be equipped by Kirito.
-Added the Adventure Base.
*This new base will allow players to have easier access to certain facilities and features listed below.

  • Character creation, Encyclopedia, Recollections, View Tutorials, Change Difficulty
  • Cook, Craft, Strengthen gear, Dye item
  • Weapons Dealer, Armor Vendor, Tools Vendor, Food Vendor, Material Vendor
  • Rest at bonfire
  • Access to Raid Quests and other special content.

*The player can travel to the Adventure Base from the beginning of Chapter 2.
*The player can travel to the Adventure Base from the world map.
-Added “Memory Exchange”
*The player can buy various items using Memory Coin, which is a reward that can be achieved in the Memory Arena.
* After completing the free additional story update part #4 “Ancient Apostles”: The Blue-Eyed Demon”, players can access Memory Exchange from the raid dungeon access points, which are located in North Centoria or the adventure base.
*Memory Exchange will still be accessible when the Memory Arena is not held.
-Added new bosses in Memory Arena.
-Added the Mutated Beast Quest Lv200 in each empire
-Added a stronger boss to Raid Quest: Reaper Reborn 
*Raid boss “The Fatal Scythe” evolves when it levels up 200. Evolved Raid Bosses have different looks and attacks.

-Increased overall Sacred Art Power
-Adjusted behaviors of Sacred Art Power

  • Adjusted heat element Lv3 “Flame Tornado” to stay in place instead of moving forward.

*” Flame Tornado” used by enemies will still move forward. 

  • Dark element Lv3” Dazzling Aura” will now damage enemies.

-The following Raid quests will no longer require players to wait until the quest is retry-able and can be challenged immediately after completing each quest.

  • Raid Quest: Reaper Reborn 
  • Raid Quest: Knight Reborn
  • Raid Quest: King Reborn
  • Raid Quest: Demon Reborn

-Changed the max level of the following Raid Quests.

  • Raid Quest: Reaper Reborn: max level of the raid quest changed from 150 to 200.
  • Raid Quest: Knight Reborn & Raid Quest: King Reborn: max level of the raid quest changed from 150 to 199.

-Added new sort options to item list.
-Added new sort options to skill list.
-Fixed the issue where strengthening can be performed without consuming CUBE materials.
-Fixed the issue in which crafting with a single "CUBE" material would use the normal material at the same time.    
-Fixed the issue where the main quest "There is something I need to ask you" may cause the player to be unable to proceed under certain occasions.
-Fixed a problem in which a gimmick could be activated in Wesdarath's raid dungeon “The Silent Icegaol (Difficulty: Extreme) " without following the intended procedure.
-Fixed the issue where "Chain: Flow Shoot" does not activate when a “group attack” is performed with certain weapon types.

-Fixed other minor bugs and issues.
Thank you again for your continued support, patience, and feedback.



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