Sword Art Online: Last Recollection For Beginners!

December 21, 2023

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory 101 -Rank 00-

-Rank.00- Game Introduction

A virtual world filled with mysteries: Underworld.

We are here to introduce how to survive and fight through the especially harsher area of this world, the Dark Territory.

Real-time action combat system fought with a party of 4.

Adventure through the Dark Territory with up to 3 of your allies by creating a party.

Jump right into combat on the field seamlessly by attacking enemies that roam around the map.

Freely choose who your adventure party consists of with over 40 characters available.

Familiar faces include those from the original anime and game’s original cast.

Depart on the journey with your dream team.

*Playable characters unlock as the main scenario progresses.

*Button icons are all based off the PlayStation®4 version default settings.

Proceed to Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 01-03

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 01-03-

-Rank 01- Combat 101: Attacking

Within the Dark Territory, many beasts and baddies roam the fields. Attack them by pressing the Square button after getting close to them.

When encountering an enemy on the field:

Attack with the Square button!

It is also possible to use the “Throw” action to pull a single enemy out of a pack to avoid having to fight multiple enemies at once.

  • It is possible to repeatedly press the Square button to perform a normal attack combo and branch off into 3 preemptively equipped powerful Sword Skills in a row.
  • Pressing the R3 button allows you to lock onto an enemy, making it easier to examine their movements and duel them to the end.

-Rank 02- Combat 101: Dodging and guarding

Survive the barrage from incoming enemies by dodging and guarding.


When unsheathed, press the Cross button to take evasive action.

Control the direction to dodge with the Left Analog Stick.


Take the guard stance by holding down the R2 button to defend yourself from enemy attacks.

Unlike dodging, guarding cannot reduce incoming damage to 0, but you will be able to stand your ground while weakening the coming blows.

When performing a dodge or guard at the right time to an enemy attack, a Perfect Action is activated and slows down time for everyone but your party members.

This will need some practice to master, but it grants a wide opening to the enemy, so once you get used to battle, try to aim for this!

-Rank 03- Combat 101: Sword Skills

By opening the Skill Palette with the R1 button, you will be able to choose and activate previously set Sword Skills.

For those of you who would like to do more in battle than tapping the Square button, or to deal more damage to enemies, try out selecting and pulling off Sword Skills of your choice through this palette.

By performing certain Sword Skills depending on the enemy number or type will allow for even more strategic combat.

Sword Skills

Pressing the R1 button opens the Skill Palette.

By pushing any of the corresponding buttons while the Palette is opened will allow any Sword Skill on it to be used.

Note: Using a Sword Skill from the Skill Palette consumes SP, so keep an eye on the SP gauge, but the Sword Skill will exert its full potential and pack an even harder punch when it hits.

Skill Palette

The Skill Palette can be customized from the main menu.

Each weapon type has its unique assortment of Sword Skills, so freely set Sword Skills per weapon type.

By adjusting the Sword Skills on the right side of the screen, which are called Finisher Skills, you will be able to change which Sword Skills are activated at the end of the normal attack combo.

Sword Skills set here do not consume any SP, so put the ones you want to use more often here.

If you prefer to connect Sword Skills freehand, there is a way to do that too.

Skill Connect and Skill Connect EX

While a Sword Skill is activated, by inputting a command for another Sword Skill at the timing of a light blue flash shown on the character will allow the previous Sword Skills after motion to be cancelled and the next skill to be pulled off, resulting in a fast-paced combo.

Be careful, as if you repeatedly input the command, a black light will be displayed and the Skill Connect will fail.

A Skill Connect is when connecting Sword Skills from a lower Connect Priority to a higher Connect Priority Sword Skill.

*Connect Priority can be checked in the Skill Details screen.

Branching a Sword Skill to a lower Connect Priority Skill is also possible, which is called Skill Connect EX, but there is a limit to how any times this is possible.

*Button icons are all based off the PlayStation®4 version default settings.

Proceed to Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 04-05-

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 04-05-

-Rank 04- Combat 101: Cooperating with Allies

A variety of strategies can be executed by commanding your party.


Switch out your controlling character by pressing the Triangle button during battle.

The character jumping in will deal out a (literally) stunning blow, along with gathering aggro from the enemy who was stunned for a short period of time.

Although it requires some time to become available again, it is a simple way to turn the tables, so it is highly recommended to pummel these out when you can.


During battle, if an ally helps you out or takes a preferable action, thank and praise them with a shout out of “Nice!”

Telling your party mates “Nice!” at the right timing will increase affinity and also the Allied Gauge, which is necessary to execute tactical maneuvers as a party.

-Rank 05- Combat 101: Cooperating with Allies (advanced)

Freely strategize with your allies to overcome any situation using Command Mode.

Command Mode

Pressing L1 during combat will stop time and trigger Command Mode.

While this mode is active, pressing the directional keys up or down will allow you to change which party member to give a command to, and pressing the corresponding button will decide which tactic the party member will take, such as attacking, healing, or even other actions.

Be careful though, as each command will use a part of the Allied Gauge!

The Allied Gauge regenerates over time, but it can also be manually charged by taking Perfect actions and giving out “Nice!”s.

Chain Burst

Using and hitting an enemy with different Sword Skills in order will trigger additional damage done, in which is called Chain Burst.

A Chain Burst is possible to activate solo, but the damage multiplier will increase further with the aid of other party members.

Once you get the hang of the system, try using Command Mode to combo an enemy you’re your allies’ Sword Skills!

Ally Skills

When all 4 party members are on their feet and the Allied Gauge is full, pressing R1 while Command Mode is opened with L1 will consume the Allied Gauge entirely to trigger a powerful team attack called Ally Skills!

With a simple command, big damage can be done, so those who still need a little more time to get used to micromanaging your teammates, this is a great tactic for you.

Tactical Arts

Ally actions can be customized in the Tactical Arts screen through the main menu.

Using a HP healing skill when health depletes below a certain amount, pummel the enemy with a hard-hitting Sword Skill when the enemy is stunned, etc., thought patterns like these can all be customized per character, so try out making a correct mindset for characters in any situation.

*Button icons are all based off the PlayStation®4 version default settings.

Proceed to Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 06-08-

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 06-08-

-Rank 06- Combat 101: The 3 Styles

Each character has one out of the three Styles (or jobs) set to them, which all have unique strengths.

Styles can be checked from the equipment or party management screen. Know what each Style does to create a balanced party.

The Arms Style

This Style called Arms is the one out there to dish out damage, through its attack power buff.

When an Arms Style character joins a combo attack with other party members, this combo’s overall damage is increased, therefore allowing a higher damage output.

The Invincible Style

What this Style has is a special Aggro Gauge, where when this gauge, that floats over the character’s head during combat, still has something left in it, enemies’ targets will prioritize this character Style to attack.

They have a high defense stat to begin with, so be sure to recruit a character of this Style for a stable battle.

The Alliance Style

Here is the Style you would want to keep your team buffed, as this Style can turn buffs that only affect the user, so affect the entire party.

This allows a quick and efficient way to strengthen or heal the entire party.

As a side note, Kirito is able to switch which Style to use. When stumped during party making, try changing Kirito’s Style to balance the Styles.

-Rank 07- Combat 101: Acquiring Skills

Gather Skill Points and fight with various skills.

Skill Tree

In the Skill Tree screen that can be accessed from the main menu, use Skill Points to strengthen existing Sword Skills or learn new Combat or Passive Skills.

Some Sword Skills have special effects added when strengthened.

Skill Points

Skill Points can be obtained when increasing your Rank, defeating enemies, and finding Resources that are scattered throughout the lands.

-Rank 08- Combat 101: Access Stone Pillars and Topography Stones, along with using Seals to efficiently explore the fields.

Stone Pillars

When accessing Stone Pillars that are placed throughout the map, this makes it possible to manually save your game and also becomes a destination for Fast Travel.

Some maps also have Fractured Stone Pillars, which can be used for manually saving as well, however it cannot be used as a destination point for Fast Travel, so be careful.

Topography Stones

When accessing a Topography Stone, details about that field is shown in the map screen.

On top of the map becoming fully revealed, placements for treasure chests and Hunting Quests are inscribed as well, so prioritizing the finding of this stone would be a good idea.


When exploring the fields, sometime Seals can be discovered.

Using Seals at certain places can unlock special gimmicks, but you only have a stock of 3, so once you run out, be sure to restock at a nearby Engraved Alter.

To use an acquired Seal, open the Seal Palette using R2 when sheathed, then pressing the corresponding button to use the desired Seal.

*Button icons are all based off the PlayStation®4 version default settings.

Proceed to Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 09-10-

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection for beginners! Exploring the Dark Territory -Rank 09-10-

-Rank 09- Combat 101: Break state

Unleash Sword Skills and combination attacks and Break that enemy.

Break Gauge

When Sword Skills or combination attacks successfully hit the enemy, their Break Gauge increases.

When this gauge fills up, the enemy is temporarily put into a wide-open Break state.

Break State

Pressing the Square button when the targeted enemy is in the Break state will make the controlled character perform an uppercut, putting the enemy in an Aerial combo state, where an enormous amount of damage can be dealt.

After the Aerial combo, the enemy will be put into the Downed state, where even more damage can be dealt by triggering a Finish Art.

Counter Sword Skill

Against certain enemy attacks, the Break Gauge greatly increases when Sword Skills with an effective counter attribute is performed, which then branches off into an advanced version of the Sword Skill.

Keep the tide of battle on your side by fully using all the Sword Skills that has these counter effects.

Bullet Break

Against enemy Bullet Skills, Sword Skills with the Bullet Break attribute are effective.

The Sword Skill will branch off into an advanced attack when colliding with an enemy bullet attack, which then significantly increases the enemy’s Break Gauge.

Charge Break

Against enemy skills where their core becomes unveiled, Sword Skills with the Charge Break attribute are effective, and the counter attack is unleashed.

Defense Break

Against an enemy that guards, pierce their Block by blasting a Defense Break Sword Skill at them, rendering them defenseless and triggering a follow-up attack.

Hitting a defending enemy with any other attack will trigger their Counterattack, so try not to rush when selecting your skills.

Anti-Air Break

When an enemy leaps into the air to attack, smack them down using a Sword Skill with the Anti-Air attribute.

To see which Sword Skill has which counter attribute, open the main menu and check it in the Skill Palette screen.

When an enemy uses a skill, the details about the type of skill is displayed on the upper area of the screen, so keep an eye there to see which counter Sword Skill to use.

-Rank 10- Combat 101: Awakening

Master the Martial Arts and awaken the true potential of each weapon type.

Unlocking Martial Arts

At the Alter of the Fallen (available at the end of chapter 2), the true potential of each weapon type, the Martial Art, can be unleashed for Kirito.

The Vessel of Strength, an item needed to unlock a Martial Art, can be obtained by defeating beasts in Hunting Quests.

Martial Art for each weapon type

Every weapon has its own Martial Art Gauge and taking certain specific actions per weapon type fills it up.

Depending on how filled the gauge is, buffs that are unique to each weapon type is applied, and pressing L3 when the gauge is full unleashes the Martial Art’s full potential and temporarily grants the character with great power, also known as Awakening.

Check out your favorite weapon type’s Martial Art and Awakening details at the Alter of the Fallen or the Tutorial screen from the main menu.

For example:

- Dual-Wielding Martial Art

The Dual-Wielding Martial Art Gauge gradually fills up with each successful Skill Connect EX attack.

The more the gauge is filled, the higher damage you do, so the already powerful Dual-Wielding becomes an even stronger damage dealer.

While Awakened, attack power rises further and gains the passive buff Downed Bonus Attack, allowing you to keep those enemies down for good.

That is all, so no time to wait. Go back and have fun adventuring the Dark Territory in SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection!

*Button icons are all based off the PlayStation®4 version default settings.


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