Tales of Arise: Interview with the Voices of Alphen and Shionne

October 2, 2019

Tales of Arise - Interview with Mr. Takuya Sato (Alphen’s voice actor) and Ms. Shino Shimoji (Shionne’s voice actress)

What inspired you to become a voice actor/actress?

Takuya Sato (from Kenproduction): It was my desire to be a hero. Maybe it was a kind of detachment from reality, but I think I first wanted to be someone who is different from my real self.

Shino Shimoji (from Aoni Production): I am from the Okinawa prefecture and I got the chance to play a character from the audition in the animation that the Okinawa prefeture produced when I was a student, which is how it started. I enjoyed lessons and dubbing so much that I hoped to make being a voice actress my career.

What do you think is important to grow as a voice actor/actress?

Sato: I am not sure if it leads to growth but I always to have doubt about myself before and after a performance. I ask myself questions such as, "is this way surely the best?”, “is there is another approach or expression I can use?”, or “I am happy with my performance?” etc.

Shimoji: I suppose it would be “not showing off” in the performance. Sometimes I pretend to sound cool, but I try to play the character my way and put what I can naturally do in the character’s voice.

Please give a brief comment to the ‘Tales of’ fans.

Sato: I am really happy and feel a responsibility joining the series which has a long history, along with Alphen, Shionne and their mates. I have given everything in my performance. I hope as many people as possible will enjoy this title.

Shimoji: I am really proud that I can join the series as a heroine which has been loved by so many people. There are still lots of mysteries about “Tales of Arise” but please stay tuned for the news and look forward to the release. Thank you.

Question to Sato-san: You have played a character in Tales of series before, but you play a main character in Tales of Arise. What did you think when you got an offer?

Sato: I played Benwick in Tales of Berseria. I connected with Alphen by fate through the audition, but the only things I received for the audition at that time were his name and a rough illustration; most of the information, including the title name, was hidden. So, when I got the offer, I immediately thought, “I will do my best! But what is the title!? Who will be in the party? And who are we going to fight against!?”

Question to Shimoji-san: You have played a character in Tales of series before, but you play the heroine in Tales of Arise. What did you think when you got an offer?

I was already surprised when I heard about the audition, so I could not believe it when I got the offer. I felt a great responsibility for playing a role of a heroine in the series that has enchanted people all over the world. [Interviewer’s Note: Shimoji-san played Karia in the mobile app, “Tales of the Rays”.]

Question to Sato-san: In the beginning of the story, Alphen has no memory and cannot feel pain. What did you pay attention to when playing him?

Sato: He doesn’t have memory, but this doesn’t mean he lost his emotion. I think that makes him sometimes respond more sensitively to the things happening in front of him. However, he cannot physically feel how life-threatening the situation is in battles. Not feeling pain doesn’t mean being immortal. I often discussed how he perceives damage without feeling pain. 

Question to Shimoji-san: Shionne is a mysterious girl, who is cursed with “thorns” and chased by her Renan compatriots. To what did you pay attention when playing her serious voice?

Shimoji: I believe I was thinking so many things during the voice recording but I don’t remember much because Shionne was never an easy character for me and I was struggling. I remember that I felt I had to keep up with the acting performance of Sato-san who played Alphen and the other party members’ voice actor/actress. 



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