November 9, 2022

Your Questions Answered with the TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED Production Team!

Salutations, Tales fans!

On behalf of the TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED production team, we could not have been more excited to share the news that this beloved role-playing game is now coming to modern consoles on February 17, 2023. Following the release of TALES OF ARISE, we know fans have been feverishly asking if other Tales of games are in development, and the idea of bringing back a nostalgic game for new and veteran fans to experience is something we are all happy to work on together. 

The team is aware that fans have a lot of questions about TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED’s content and improvements from previous versions, which we are here to answer! We are always happy to continue taking further suggestions as we are striving to deliver a “true-to-the-original” feeling for anyone picking up and playing TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED. 

For new Tales fans, can you explain what TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED is?

TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED is an enhanced version of Tales of Symphonia – the fifth game in our core “Tales of” series of role-playing games which launched on the Nintendo GameCube in 2003 in Japan, and 2004 worldwide. This release brings visual enhancements, extra quality-of-life improvements, and a highly nostalgic JRPG experience that new-and-veteran Tales fans can finally appreciate on modern platforms. 

Why did Bandai Namco choose to remaster this particular game?

TALES OF SYMPHONIA has been a game fans have been feverishly asking to bring to modern platforms since the initial release of TALES OF SYMPHONIA CHRONICLES on PlayStation 3, and we wanted to introduce new fans of the series to one of our landmark titles. TALES OF SYMPHONIA serves as a legacy release that inspired and informed future games in the Tales series while also being a fan-favorite experience enjoyed by RPG enthusiasts, anime gamers, and fans of Bandai Namco worldwide. 

Will there be future remasters or remakes of older Tales titles?

We really appreciate the enthusiasm shared by Tales fans worldwide on wanting to experience our portfolio of games on modern platforms. As of now, we are focusing wholly on the release of TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED, though we are always happy to hear what our community would love to see for future games.

What enhancements were made to this version of the game?

Players can look forward to sharper and crisper in-game visuals when compared to our earlier TALES OF SYMPHONIA CHRONICLES and Steam releases, including enhanced character models and environments such as the town and the overworld.

There are also improved controls for navigating the Elemental Cargo ship so players can easily travel the seas. Other enhancements made include skipping some of the events and cutscenes, additional save screen information, and minor quality-of-life improvements.

Will there be any major new content or features added?

While there is no new story content or features made exclusively for TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED, the game does carry all the enhancements from TALES OF SYMPHONIA CHRONICLES, such as party costumes, Compound Unison Attacks, and Mystic Artes previously only available in the Japan-only PS2 port. This also includes the two different opening themes and the option to toggle between Japanese and English VO. 

Is the original English cast in the game or will voices see only Japanese voices?

Yes, the original English cast is in the game! In addition to offering Japanese voice acting, we also have the English VO from the game’s original release available for players to choose from if they wish. 

Why is there not a PC version of TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED? Will we see a PC release?

TALES OF SYMPHONIA is already available for purchase on PC via STEAM, which comes complete with all the in-game content found in TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED. Our goal was to bring this nostalgic RPG back on modern platforms, as it was only accessible on previous generation hardware like the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, while also making quality-of-life changes that Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One owners can enjoy if it is their first time diving into this game.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S owners can also enjoy the game as it is also backwards compatible with those systems!

Will the game run in 60 FPS? Is this consistent for all platforms?

TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED is based on the Steam version that was running at 30 FPS. However, this version has been optimized so fans can look forward to a more stable performance as they play the game. See below for the latest technical specifications on TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED’s performance

1920 x 1080


Xbox One:
1920 x 1080

Handheld Mode:

PS4™ Pro:

Xbox One X:
1920 x 1080


30 FPS

30 FPS

100 Save Data Slots
11 GB HDD Space
100 Save Data Slots
11 GB HDD Space
100 Save Data Slots

Compatible with PlayStation 5Compatible with Xbox Series X|S

Is all the content from all the different versions of TALES OF SYMPHONIA included in this? Does this include DAWN OF A NEW WORLD?

This edition of the game focuses exclusively on the original game, so DAWN OF A NEW WORLD is not included in this edition. However, all the additional content including new costumes, Mystic Artes, Compound Unison attacks, and the ability to switch between English and Japanese VO are carried over into TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED.

When is the release date?

TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED launches on February 17, 2023. We cannot wait for Tales fans young-and-old to experience one of our series’ most beloved titles on modern platforms, and we look forward to everyone’s reactions, whether they are playing for the first time or revisiting their cherished experiences with this classic Tales game.

TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED will be available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on February 17, 2023, and it is also available for pre-order on the game’s official page. The game will also be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


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