The God of Poisons and Deception

October 8, 2019

One of the more prominent of the gods of chaos, Kuat Ran is sly, cruel, and vicious beyond compare. Jealous of the other greater gods, Kuat Ran created the Saurin people to serve as his worshippers. He claimed the southernmost jungles of Lumios as home for his people. Seeking glory that would outshine that of greater gods, he ordered the reptilian Saurin to build great altars to him and demanded blood as a sacrifice to his glory. 

The reptilian Saurin followed the chaos god’s commands blindly, as they were created to do, and expanded to the reaches of their jungle. They enslaved and sacrificed all who dared enter their territory to their god’s insatiable thirst for blood. But Kuat Ran’s lust for bloodshed can never be satisfied, and it was not long before they began raiding past the borders of their jungle home, and became a threat to the other races of Lumios.

It was then that Physera ordered their trusted lieutenant, Iriaphos, to the Saurin jungles to confront Kuat Ran, and put a stop to the slaughter. But Kuat Ran refused Physera’s order, and aimed to destroy Iriaphos. The two gods, Kuat Ran and Iriaphos, waged war upon one another across the vast jungle. Their battle devastated the civilization of the Saurin. Kuat Ran, realizing his defeat was at hand, fled his physical body just as Iriaphos struck the final blow which would have utterly destroyed him. 

As his body’s life force dissipated, the spirit of Kuat Ran fled far to the North, and Iriaphos thought her victory was complete. She returned to Physera and informed them of her success. From the frozen wastes to the North however, the spirit of Kuat Ran whispered to the Saurin and assured them their god lived on still.The god of deception began to plot his return to power and his people work fervently in the shadows to aid their god in his latest scheme.

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