Upcoming Changes to Bosses and Timed Dungeons

August 12, 2021

With the next update coming soon to Bless Unleashed, we would like to go into further details about some exciting changes. As a part of this update, there are new changes to Bosses and Timed Dungeons.

New “Twisted” version of Field Bosses will show up with this update, with slightly different skill effects and ability to summon minions. These new Bosses will have visual changes to differentiate from the original Field Bosses. New Elite Bosses will also be added, where players will experience Dungeon Bosses they’ve seen before out in the open world, with all new behaviors and challenges.

New Elite Bosses

  • Charlie Pepper - Wandering Kobold chief
  • Messenger of the Void: A ghost summoning a scythe
  • Memory Eater: An entity that summons blood bats to attack
  • Taroc: An ogre with even more fearsome power
  • Vavrung/Minion: A wandering, beast-taming Kobold
  • Hector Wilde: Archer that attacks in diverse, challenging ways
  • Akasha: A scorpion with powerful physical and poison attacks

Speaking of Dungeons, players can expect changes to how they will join and the schedule when Awakened releases. The difficulty for certain 2-player Arena Challenges will be decreased. For 5-player Dungeons, the difficulty will be decreased and enemy attack damage reduced.. Abyssal Dungeons will remain the same as having the highest level of difficulty.

Matchmaking system for multiple-select Dungeons has been added to remove any hurdles players may face, shortening the waiting time. Soon players will be able to apply for match making to multiple PvP AND PvE contents at the same time. When multiple Dungeons are successfully matched, one of the Dungeons will be randomly selected for entry.

For Timed Dungeons, players will be able to view the dungeon list easier in the game. Scroll left and right to see dungeons that will open up in the future, and each dungeon list will be shown by weeks. Regular and Abyssal Dungeons are set to be rotated in 1-week intervals.

Dungeons that can be rotated (excluding permanent/fixed dungeons)

2-player Arena Challenges

  • 4 Arena Challenges
    • Pagar Champion
    • Dune Tyrant
    • Emissary of Flame
    • Nightmare of Madaan

5-player Lair Challenges

  • 2 Lairs
    • Shadow of Visions
    • Forgotten Sewers

Normal Dungeons

  • 3 Dungeons
    • Rutus Mines - Depths of Corruption
    • The Nightspire - Entropic Descent
    • Dreamscale Ruins - Hall of the Eclipse

Abyssal Dungeons

  • 4 Dungeons
    • Dreamscale Ruins - Sundered Sanctuary
    • Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen
    • Rutus Mines - Depths of Corruption
    • Savantis Mausoleum - Altar of Blood

Make sure to check back next week when we reveal changes coming to skills, combos, and Blessings!

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