Upcoming Dungeon Changes

April 27, 2021

With the upcoming update, Secrets and Scions, the development team is making some big changes to the way players will interact with Dungeons! We've been seeing your feedback that it can sometimes be difficult to get a specific Dungeon queue to pop. To help to alleviate this situation, the devs are beginning the process of making Timed Dungeons the primary way to play Dungeons!

Before we dig into this, we want to offer an apology. In our announcement for Secrets and Scions, we announced that a new Dungeon, would be included in the Secrets and Scions update. The dev team has recently informed us that this dungeon will no longer be appearing in the Secrets and Scions update, and will be released in a future update instead. We apologize for the incorrect information.

The process of moving to a full Time Dungeon queue will begin with the Secrets and Scions update. As part of this change, some Dungeons will be removed from the "Always On" current Dungeon list, and be moved to live permanently in the new Timed Dungeon system.

The goal with this change will be to offer all players a set number of Dungeons to play each week, on a rotating schedule, and reduce the amount of time players are waiting in queues for the Dungeons they wish to play. Not all Dungeons will be moving to this format however, so fear not! We'll always have a selection of Dungeons available in the more traditional Dungeon queue, not only to provide players with more non-timed content to play, but also to ensure that newer players always have a selection of Dungeons and Arena Challenges available to them at all times. That being said, we want you to know that some Dungeons, which are currently in the process of being converted to the new timed Dungeon format, will temporarily be unavailable. The dev team is working to get these Dungeons fully converted to the new Timed Dungeon format, and they will be returning to Bless Unleashed and the world of Lumios as soon as possible.

We want to share with you now the Dungeons that will be available in the Secrets and Scions update, and whether they will be in the Timed Dungeon Queue or the Traditional Dungeon Queue. 

Please note that it is possible still that the list of Dungeons may change prior to release.

Traditional Dungeon Queue

Arena Challenges

  • Holy Trial
  • Emperor of Roots
  • Mercenary Remnos
  • Gnoll Trimuvirate
  • The Corrupted Creation


  • Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen
  • Savantis Mausoleum - Altar of Blood
  • Dreamscale Ruins - Sundered Sanctuary

Lair Challenges

  • Bloody Arena
  • Putrid Canyon
  • Crimson Waterfall
  • Den of the Wolf King
  • Temple of Lies

Timed Dungeon Queue

Full schedule to be revealed at a later date.

Arena Challenges

  • Ruler of the Ruins
  • The Cursed Knight
  • The Stormbringer
  • The Fiendlord Executioner


  • Kobold Lair - Chieftain's Throneroom
  • Savantis Mausoleum - Lich's Respite

Lair Challenges

  • Harpy Queen's Nest
  • Chamber of the Ancient

Abyssal Dungeons

  • Dreamscale Ruins - Hall of the Eclipse
  • Rutus Mines - Halls of the Dead
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