We've Surpassed 5 Million Downloads! 2nd Anniversary & Ver. 3.0 Large Update Information

June 14, 2021


Greetings, players!


Thanks to all your support, we have surpassed 5 million downloads.

We are truly grateful and are thrilled that so many people are enjoying the game.

To celebrate 5 million downloads and our approaching 2nd anniversary, we will be holding a campaign where you can receive Capsule Tickets for up to 1000 pulls starting today!

Plus, we'll also be holding campaigns where you can get Premium Capsule x10 Tickets and Excl. Parts Chance Capsule Tickets, which you can use to get Exclusive Parts!

We'll be holding a maintenance session today in which the maximum size of the Parts Box will be expanded by 200 slots. 200 Haro Chips will also be distributed as a thank you for your cooperation while the game is undergoing maintenance.

Be sure to log in and claim them!

The game was first released on 7/30/2019, so that means we're finally nearing our 2nd anniversary!

We want to make this a huge event, so we've got tons of things planned! The Ver. 3.0 Large Update is coming soon too, so we're all hard at work making the game even better.

We'll also be showing you all a little sneak peak of what's in store!


*Information and game images in this letter reflect content currently in development and are subject to change. These images are sampled from the international version of the game.


2nd Anniversary Information

To celebrate our 2nd Anniversary, we're preparing ten huge in-game 2nd Anniversary campaigns.

You'll of course be getting Haro Chips, as well as Capsule Tickets, Upgrade Materials, and much more!

We also have a limited-time campaign planned where you can get AI Pilots that are perfect for the summer.

This anniversary will be completely different from last years', so we hope you all look forward to it!

There will also be a teaser site for the 2nd Anniversary coming soon which will update with information about what to expect for the event. We'll announce when it's open on our official SNS, so be sure to follow us to get all the latest news!


3.0 Large Update Information

[Mission Create] ~Show the World Your Very Own Missions!~

Mission Create is a new mode where players can make their very own original "Creative Missions" that players from all around the world can try to clear! You can create the battle environment you want by selecting the stage and difficulty, and even build up to twelve enemy Gunpla that will appear.

Other players can leave Likes after clearing your Mission. Your Creative Mission will then appear in a Ranking (Newest/Popular/Total/Low Clr. %) depending on how many Likes it has and how many times it's been attempted.

So try it out and aim to make the best Creative Mission!

We plan to add even more features to Mission Create in the future, and will provide more information when it is available.





*Special "Plugin" items are required to edit the settings of Creative Missions (excluding test plays).

*The "Plugins" required to edit Creative Missions can be obtained from "Creator Bonus", "Daily Play Bonus", "Daily Early Discovery Bonus", and from the "Exchange" in the in-game Shop.

*Creative Missions will be visible to all players worldwide, and the ranking will also be shared worldwide.

*There are no rewards for the ranking.

*Challenging Creative Missions will not require any EN or special items to be consumed.


・"Creator Bonus"

If your Creative Mission gets a total of 100 "likes", you can receive "Plugins" for editing your Creative Missions once a week.

*Once you have received a "Creator Bonus" for a "Creative Mission", you cannot receive it again for that Mission within the same week.

*"Creator Bonus" rewards will reset every Sunday at 1:00 PM (PDT).


・"Daily Play Bonus"

You can receive "Plugins" once per day by challenging any Creative Mission.


・"Daily Early Discovery Bonus"

*You can receive "Plugins" once per day by challenging Creative Missions that have been played less than 100 times.

*Items can be received from the results screen upon Mission clear or failure. You will not receive items for quitting.


[Battle Circuit] (Improvements)

Currently, the same Part cannot be used for multiple LAPs. However, it will become possible to use the same Part multiple times based on the level of its EX Skill or Part Trait. You can check how many times a Part can be used and what LAPs it is currently being used in via the Build screen.



You will be able to equip Gear, just like you can in other Missions. This will allow you to increase your Combat Power in the Battle Circuit as well. Please note that just like with Parts, a Gear that has been used in one LAP cannot be used in another.

*Using Auto-Build for Combat Power in the Build screen will also take equipped Gear into account, and will select the one that will result in the highest Combat Power.


[Daily Missions] (Improvements)

You will be able to play Daily Missions once per day without consuming EN, and Mission contents will also be greatly updated. In addition to Capital, Upgrade Nippers, and Tune Up Materials, the rewards line-up will be expanded to include Universal Marks, B.T. Marks, Gear, and more. Don't forget to play every day!


*Non-EN consuming attempts for Daily Missions reset every day at 1:00 PM (PDT).

*In addition to this change, the Upgrade Nippers Missions for each type of Part will now only drop Upgrade Nippers (ALL) to increase user-friendliness.


That's all the information we have on the Ver. 3.0 Large Update at the moment.

We have tons more new content and gameplay improvements planned, so we hope you're all as excited as we are!



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