Save the Ocean in Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits!

Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits brings the arcade fishing experience to home consoles with new game modes. Enjoy the classic arcade experience at home, a brand new story mode, online multiplayer, and party mini-games to enjoy with friends and family.

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An Ocean of Activities

Explore the Marine Medal Mania amusement park to enjoy all the aquatic activities Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits has to offer.

Story Mode

Save the poisoned seas with the power of fishing in a new story mode. Use your fishing skills to rescue the oceans from the poison and garbage that threaten to ruin them forever. Travel across the globe in a grand adventure to save the oceans for future generations! Clear time-sensitive missions to advance through the story, as you learn fascinating facts about actual marine life. 

Party Mode

Ace Angler Party Mode features 12 marine-themed party games such as Gator Panic, Goldfish Scooping, and Harpoon Hunt. Party Mode also includes other fishing competitions in which you can compete to catch the heaviest or most expensive fish. An oceanic assortment of minigames like no other!

Online Multiplayer

Engage in fishing battles with rivals from around the world! Play online matches with up to four people, collect stars for each victory you earn, and aim to become the Ultimate Angler. Use Password Match to play against friends and family even when you are apart.  

Ace Angler Aquarium

Collect and display over 250 species of fish in your personal aquarium. Use the fish observation camera to examine and learn information about each species!

Available Now

Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits

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• Diver Outfit Set
• Fish-Summoning Ultra Rod:  Ocean Sunfish Rod
• 1 Rare Ticket

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