Can ya dig it?!

The popular action puzzle game “Mr. DRILLER DrillLand” makes its Western debut on the Nintendo Switch™! You’re invited to a secret amusement park known as “DrillLand” – 500 meters underground! Explore and conquer the five “attractions” with simple, yet exciting, gameplay that guests of all ages can enjoy!

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Nintendo Switch™




Mr. DRILLER returns!

The first Mr. DRILLER game for the Nintendo Switch™ featuring updated graphics and HD cutscenes!

Dig your way to victory!

Each of the five attractions in DrillLand features their own set of unique gameplay rules. Can you dig your way through each attraction and defeat the final boss?!

Competitive multiplayer modes!

Play with up to 4 players on one console—race to the finish or battle it out in “Free for All” or “Pairs”!

Take it easy!

All new “Casual Mode” for those who want to enjoy digging through DrillLand at a leisurely pace!


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Launch Trailer

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Mr. DRILLER DrillLand

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Can ya dig it?! Mr. DRILLER, a simple yet addictive action puzzle game!

Built 500 meters beneath the earth's surface, "Drill Land" is a secret amusement park developed jointly by the Drillers Association and the Underground Kingdom. Six drillers of diverse personalities and abilities are here to play! The challenge is to take on five attraction games with a wide variety of activities, such as great adventure, mysterious universe, horror, and more! Can you dig your way through and beat them all?

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