Open Beta Test Dates for MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Announced

The Latest My Hero Title, Free to Play on an Epic Battle Ground

It’s time to stand with your fellow heroes…and villains. Dive into the action, unleash your abilities and be the last team standing in this thrilling 24 player team based battle royale.


Byking Inc


Battle Royale

My Hero, Battle Royale!

24 players, 8 teams, 3 players per team. The goal is simple: defeat the other 7 teams to become the last ones standing.

Make the Most of Each Player's "Quirks"!

Use your "Quirks" and fight: take on your role as an assault, support,  or disruption character in battle and make the most of your strengths while compensating for your teammates’ weakness.

The strengths of each character are completely different depending on his or her "Quirk”.

Be a Hero….or a Villain

Contributing to your team is not limited to defeating your adversaries.

The civilians on the stage who have failed to escape are also an important element that determines the outcome of the battle.

Heroes can rescue, villains can intimidate, and by behaving in their own unique way, they can help the enemy team win or lose the battle.

Open Beta Test Dates for MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Announced

PlayStation 4 Open Beta Runs May 25 to June 1; New Characters and In-Game Systems Await MY HERO Fans

Announcements May 17th, 2023


MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Closed Beta Test Results

See the list of the improvements we plan to make based on the many comments we received during the Closed Beta Test.

AnnouncementsDec 9, 2022
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