April 25th, 2024

9 Things to Know About Stepping

From battle tactics to mind control, get all the details about the Awakening heroine’s signature skill.

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Unknown 9: Awakening's Haroona watches as her enemies attack each other.

Stepping is one of the most advanced Umbric abilities documented to date. It involves summoning enough Fold energy (or Am) to project one’s mind into the consciousness of another. The resulting experience is one of total control over the physical and sometimes mental abilities of one’s target.

Learn more about Unknown 9: Awakening’s most compelling Fold-powered gameplay feature. And for those who haven’t already, wishlist the game today!

1. Few have mastered this powerful ability.

That said, Haroona isn’t the only Quaestor who can execute this skill. Its origins date back to the ancient Sahin civilization; its mechanics rooted in one of the nine realms of knowledge presided over by the Unknown 9. These enigmatic beings were likely well-versed in the art of Stepping.

Aside from the 9, a few other Steppers are rumored to roam our universe’s diverse landscapes. Consider exploring other Unknown 9 adventures to uncover who these Umbric experts are.

Haroona Steps into an Ascendant soldier and shoots another enemy soldier, who meets his demise in a fiery explosion.

2. Stepping is used to leverage a target’s position, strength, and more.

In the video game, you might select a target based on their proximity (to you, others, hazardous materials, etc.) or single them out based on their skill set and weaponry. Your strategy will depend on the scenario you face and your end goal.

Beyond Awakening, some Steppers have used this skill as a means of espionage, stealing key knowledge from enemy groups. Others have drawn upon this talent to communicate with those unreachable via traditional means.

3. Wielding this skill in Unknown 9: Awakening requires Stepping tokens.

As one of the more advanced powers in your repertoire, Stepping is an evolving and customizable skill. To reach your full potential, however, you must earn Stepping tokens through combat, such as by executing melee attacks and takedowns.

4. With enough tokens, you can Step from one target to another.

As you progress to the game’s later chapters, the more skills you pick up and the more Stepping tokens you can earn. Acquire the maximum amount and string together a sequence of up to three consecutive Stepping attacks!

5. Stepping has its limits.

Even the most adept Stepper can’t live on in another person’s body forever. Factors affecting Stepping duration include the number of tokens you have, the amount of energy exerted while in Step with an enemy, and the potential presence of Anti-Stepping devices. Essentially, once Haroona’s Shade enters her target’s body, the clock starts ticking.

6. Not all victims undergo the same experience.

It all rests on the Stepper’s skill and intentions, and the victim’s ability to defend themselves. Less adept Steppers have no choice but to leave their victims with no memory of the attack. Experts, however, can control every aspect of their victim’s experience, including where their Shade winds up.

7. It’s the one Umbric ability that can replenish your Am.

Synonymous with Umbric energy, Am is what powers many of your Umbric talents, so make sure to check your Am gauge. Though it starts at full, its levels diminish with every Umbric ability you wield (like Pulling, Pushing, Crushing, Umbric attacks, and more). Stepping is the exception to this rule. In fact, every Step you take can replenish your Am. Known as a Leeching Step, this unlockable skill ensures you maintain your Umbric stamina.

8. Spot the signs of a Step-In.

How can you tell if someone has been Stepped into? The victim’s eye color will switch to that of the Stepper’s—unless you’re dealing with a truly devious master of the craft.

9. Unknown 9: Awakening isn’t the only adventure where Stepping occurs.

Like many other Umbric abilities, Stepping isn’t unique to the video game. Can you spot the signs and potential perpetrators in Unknown 9’s other tales?

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