June 20th, 2024

Haroona’s Friends & Foes: Vincent

As powerful as he is ruthless, Vincent is Haroona’s most formidable foe.

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Vincent Lichter, cane in hand, looks out into the distance from the balcony of a temple.

Unknown 9: Awakening’s Haroona is on a lengthy journey that isn’t hers alone. Along the way, she crosses valued allies and dangerous enemies, each with their own motivations. Follow along as we introduce you to our tenacious heroine’s friends and foes to better understand who you’ll be fighting alongside and against.

Portrait of Unknown 9: Awakening antagonist Vincent Lichter.

Name: Vincent Lichter
Alias: None
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Swedish
Allegiance: The Ascendants

As powerful as he is ruthless, Vincent Lichter is Haroona’s most formidable foe in Unknown 9: Awakening. Determined to free humanity from the Unknown 9’s influence and steer us toward a brighter future, he’ll do anything to advance his cause. Even if it means taking Haroona, and her companions out.

As the action-adventure game’s fall 2024 release looms closer, now’s the time to gather all the intel you can on the man who will become your number one enemy.

If you haven’t had a chance to witness Vincent in action, look out for him in the latest trailer.


The man who broke the LYS.

The Leap Year Society is a secret organization that unites curious minds from around the world through a common goal: the search for hidden knowledge. Vincent Lichter was once one of its most valued members, an LYS golden child whose talent for exploring the Fold drew the attention of Reika, who tutored him for a time.

But the more Vincent uncovered within the Fold, the more convinced he became that humanity held more potential than the LYS could ever imagine. He grew contemptuous of the Unknown 9, convinced these so-called shepherds of knowledge manipulate humanity for their own purposes. Seeing another path forward, Vincent split from the LYS and formed a rival group—the Ascendants.

“Humanity has lived for eons at the mercy of the 9… It’s time we took control of our own destiny.”

The rise of the Ascendants

More hierarchical and orderly than the sprawling, egalitarian LYS, the Ascendants are fully dedicated to pursuing the knowledge that can herald a new era for humanity. Their decision to break from the Society was a bloody, brutal dispute that ripped families apart—but to the Ascendants, the ends always justify the means.

Under Vincent’s leadership, the Ascendants consider it their role to shepherd the rest of the world forward. After all, powerful knowledge is best guarded by those who genuinely know its worth.

Haroona walks toward Vincent and his cronies.

Unknown 9: Awakening’s most dangerous enemy

You’ll face off against Vincent at multiple points in Unknown 9: Awakening. To maintain an edge against Haroona, he relies on Ascendant tech that allows him to skillfully manipulate Am. You can spot the difference in Am types in the game. While Haroona draws her sage-green energy directly from the Fold, Vincent wields extracted, corrupted Am that glows red.

Each time you confront Vincent, you’ll have to think beyond the conventional rules of battle to weather his wrath. The trick is to draw upon specific Umbric abilities and find the precise moment to strike.

Add Unknown 9: Awakening to your wish list today and keep your eyes peeled for other signs of this dangerously brilliant Swede as the Unknown 9 universe continues to expand…

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